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Every now and then we get special requests from well known or wealthy people.  Celebrities, CEOs, diplomates and other "well-to-do" people in the past have requested special accommodations at our office.

If you are one of these people, or if you have traveled by plane, helicopter, or train you will still receive the same expertise in STD consultation, testing, and treatment as every other patient receives at our office.  Everyone receives excellent care.  Yes, we do recognize that you may be traveling quite a distance just to be seen at our office; however, if you need extra trime with the doctor please share this information with the receptionist so that arrangements will be made.  Please be advised that the cost of the visit may be different than what is posted on this site depending on the criteria requested.

For those who wish to be the only patient in the office upon arrival, special arrangements may be made.  Although the nature of our office is one not of an STD clinic and patients are seen for a variety of reasons, some well known patients may want to be seen by the doctor in an empty office.  We have had this request by celebrities in the past.  If one desires such accommodatoins the fee is $1600 for a 45 minute appointment.  Such appointments will keep the office void of other patients.  Typically, these appointments will be first thing in the morning.  Arrangements at other times or on weekends will require additional fees.

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