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Michael Shirazi M.D.

STD Testing & Consultation available with Michael Shirazi MD in his private NY medical practice. 

Don't settle for inferior testing methods, improper tests, or uninformed interpretation of test results. Most doctors are not familiar with proper STD testing and evaluation. Feel confident with your tests and test results.  At Current New York Medical P.C., we are truly experts in STD testing.   

This is the office of Michael Shirazi, M.D. The author of The Herpes Bible and a renowned expert in STDs. His practice is not limited to authoring books on STDs and lecturing to other doctors. He is also available to be your own private doctor to test for STDs. Most health insurances are accepted, reasonable rates for those not using insurance.   

This is not an STD clinic. It is a private medical office where most patients are not seen for STD testing. Besides STD testing, our practice offers Primary Care, Internal Medicine, and Gynecologic services.

Call us during office hours to schedule an appointment or to arrange a phone consultation.

Michael Shirazi M.D.'s famous Herpes book is available online by E-book to read immediately. You can also easily and securely purchase the paperback edition on this website. See link for information on The Herpes Bible.  His book on HPV will be released in 2012.

We see both men and women.

Coming soon... Video with Michael Shirazi M.D. discussing the treatment of Genital Warts.


Test for:
Hepatitis A, B, C
Molluscum Contagiosum
Trichomonas Vaginalis
And other STDs.
STD examinations are performed by:
Physical Exam
Blood Tests
Swab Tests
Urine Tests
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