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Why Test Here

Why test with Michael Shirazi M.D. at Current New York Medical P.C.?

By scheduling an appointment with Michael Shirazi MD, you are scheduling an appointment with a true expert in STDs. Dr. Shirazi is a NYS licensed physician who is familiar with all aspects of STDs and STD testing. Michael Shirazi MD, is a well known expert in STD testing. He has authored The Herpes Bible and will have another STD book released in 2012.

At Current New York Medical P.C., we are truly experts in STD testing. We don't just test for STDs, we accurately test for STDs.

We are knowledgeable as to which STDs to test for and how to properly test for them. We are able to choose from the variety of different tests available for each separate STD. We know which test is the most accurate test for each individual circumstance. We are able to choose a proper panel of tests to properly screen for STDs in asymptomatic or symptomatic patients.

We know how sensitive each test is in relation to the time frame after potential exposure to disease. We are able to properly interpret test results. Positive results are not always truly positive and negative results are not always truly negative. Only a practitioner who is especially familiar with STD testing can consistently, properly interpret such STD test results. At our office, the likelihood of false positive and false negative results may be entertained with an educated background.

Laboratory testing is only a part of an STD evaluation. A targeted history and physical exam is often also required to properly check for STDs. At our office, we have excellent experience and expertise in such examinations.

We are able to properly collect a sample of blood, urine, or swab test from a patient. We stock all the necessary tubes, swabs, and collection devices for STD testing. Our medical assistants are especially familiar in the proper handling of such samples after a patient is seen by the doctor. This helps assure a high standard in the integrity of the collected samples' quality when received by the laboratory.

Just because one tests negative for an STD does not mean that one does not have that STD. For each STD, many different types of tests exist. If the wrong test for a specific STD is chosen, or worse, if searching for the wrong STDs are performed, test results do not mean too much. Also, many tests do not pick up all cases of disease and some tests often report back positive for an STD in its absence. For example, a negative test for Chlamydia does not necessarily mean that one does not have Chlamydia. Likewise, a positive test for herpes does not necessarily mean that one has herpes.

Who visits Michael Shirazi M.D.?

Dr. Michael Shirazi is a well known expert in STD testing with a vast knowledge of the intricate details of STDs. He has patients visit him for consultation and accurate testing from all sections of the U.S.A. At times, he has patients visit him from other nations. Piece of mind gained by accurate testing and interpretation of results is priceless. Of course, most of his patients are still from the NY area. Dr. Shirazi is not just an STD testing expert. Many of his patients are seen for conditions unrelated to STDs. The main focus of his practice is primary care. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

Is the office visit confidential?

Yes absolutely. All tests results are strictly confidential. We strictly adhere to all confidentiality laws and go beyond the law in assuring results are kept secure.

I am nervous about coming to an office for STD testing. I am afraid somebody will see me and know that I am concerned about STDs, would I be comfortable in your office?

Our office is not an STD clinic. It is a private medical office where patients are seen for a variety of reasons other then STD testing and treatment. A patient's presence in the office does not mean that he/she is testing for STDs as it would at an STD clinic. In fact, most of our patients are not being seen for STD evaluation. This enhances the confidential experience. If you want to be the only patient in the office during your visit, please refer to the celebrity section of our website.

Also, if you are a self-pay patient, we are not concerned with your identity. However, if you are using a credit or debit card, your ID should match that card.

I am already in a relationship and had an affair, can the doctor help me?

The doctor has experience in treating and testing patients in your situation. The doctor does not make judgments on one's personal situation. The doctor is here to help you attain the best medical care possible and always tries to remedy any situation.

What should I expect from my appointment with Michael Shirazi MD?

When one presents to our office for STD testing, the patient receives a comprehensive physical exam after a comprehensive history is taken. Often, we will test for other medical problems and assess the patients overall general health. For example, if blood testing is to be done for STDs, we will also test for diabetes, cholesterol problems, kidney disease, liver disease etc. Of course a patient can request not to receive this thoroughness if they desire.

Services Available

 Comprehensive STD Testing and Consultation
Internal Medicine - Primary Care
Office Gynecology

Why not test for STDs at my regular doctor's office?

Imagine going to the average doctor asking for STD testing. He doesn't do this everyday. He may not know which STDs to test for. Even if he knows which STDs to test for, he almost certainly does not know how to properly order such tests. Perhaps the most important reason not to go to just any doctor for STD testing is that a doctor who is not knowledgeable about STDs may not properly interpret test results.

Each STD has many different products available to test for it. All tests are not equal; in fact, many are far from being equal. Apparently, 99% of doctors do not know the difference among STD tests. Some tests do not reliably determine the presence of disease. Some tests may falsely determine the presence of disease.

Most doctors don't know how to properly collect patient specimens for STD testing. Most probably don't know which tubes, swabs, or collection vials to use. Even if they did know what to use for testing, they probably don't carry all these supplies in their office.

As the average doctor does not perform such testing regularly, the doctor's staff probably does not know how to properly handle patient specimens leading to errors when they reach the laboratory.

Just as important as all the other reasons not to test with the average doctor for STDs, the average doctor probably does not know the sensitivities of each test. How accurate a test is according to the length of time after a potential exposure to STDs.

When not experienced in STD testing, a physician may improperly recognize a positive test as positive. Positive tests are not always truly positive.

Why not test with other's that I have found on the internet that "test" for STDs?

Some of these places simply involve a secretary taking your lab order over the phone or online.  You go to the laboratory and probably have spent several hundred dollars on tests that are either ordered too early from your exposure or maybe have been ordered without knowledge that your actual risk was essentially zero.  Perhaps worse, a positive test or negative test doesn't necessarily mean that you have or haven't contracted an infection.  Then, you get advice from a "counselor" who in most cases is illegally giving medical advice without a medical license or degree.

Also, you may find a private office in NYC that has competitive prices and/or offers same day results.  They may be competitive because a doctor usually doesn't evaluate your case and they profit on tests given in their office with same day results.  However, patients fail to realize that these same day results are not very sensitive or specific.  If they were good tests we would perform them in our office also!


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