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Health Insurances:

We accept most health insurances.  Please call our office to inquire if we participate with your health plan.

If we do accept your plan, you are only responsible for any applicable copayments, deductibles, or coinsurances just as you would seeing any doctor. 

If you have a deductible, you would pay the contracted rate that we have with your plan which is typically about 50% less than the fees listed below.

"What if this office does not accept my health insurance?"

If we do not accept your health insurance, your health insurance carrier will usually cover the STD testing portion of your visit with us. However, you will be responsible for paying the actual cost of the office visit at the full rate listed below. The fee for the office visit is the doctor's fee for consultation and examination.

"Should I use my health insurance for sexually transmitted infection/disease evaluation?" 

After an office visit, many health insurance companies will submit an "explanation of benefits" to the address/addresses associated with your health insurance account. This could be a home address or business address that you used when you signed up for the plan. Some plans will collect data on you. Possibly limited by local laws, some businesses that provide health insurance to their employees may have access to billing informatin and health records as they are contributing to the payment of your benefits.

At Current New York Medical P.C., we respect your privacy. If you wish not to use your health plan for discretion, please see the below self-pay rates.

The cost of an office visit without health insurance:

If we accept your health insurance,   you do not need to pay the following office visit fees.

These fees are for patients who have insurances that we do not accept, for uninsured patients, or patients who do not wish to use their insurance coverage for more discretion.

We understand that we may charge more than the average physician evaluating for sexually transmitted infections, but sometimes "you get what you pay for!"  Michael Shirazi M.D. maintains a high standard of care.

Initial Patient Visit:
Queens Office:     $350 
Manhattan Office: $450 (The fee in Manhattan is higher due to our higher overhead costs.)

Visit For Test Results:
If a patient needs a follow up visit to only discuss test results and initiate possible treatment after an initial visit.
Queens Office:     $50
Manhattan Office: $50

Established Patient Visit:
If a follow up visit is needed for reasons other than just receiving test results, the following fees apply.
Queens Office:     $185
Manhattan Office: $300

Phone Consultations:
Up to 20 minutes: $450
Up to 60 minutes: $800

Legal Consultations:
Michael Shirazi M.D. has served as a medical expert and a medical consultant for several legal cases regarding sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

Have your lawyer call our office to arrange a consultation. The minimum fee for a legal consulation is $2,500 which includes up to 2 hours of time. Usually this is sufficient for a brief conversation with your lawyer, an Independent Medical Examination of 1 involved party and a brief report. For each additional party involved who needs an Independent Medical Examination an additional minimum fee of $2,500 is required. If additional time is needed for any reason, there is an additional fee of $1,100 per hour.

Office rules regarding payment: 

The following will be strictly enforced. 

All payments are due at time of service.
Payments may be made by cash, money order, or credit card only. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We never accept personal checks.
3. If you make a payment by credit card, you will be charged an additional 5% administration fee to offset our credit card terminal fees.
Payments which are due at time of service include:
a) All Co-payments
b) All Deductibles
c) All Office visit fees
If you are not sure whether or not you have a Co-payment or Deductible, please call your insurance carrier, your human resources department, or simply ask one of our receptionists to help you. 
Results are never given over the phone, unless there is an arrangement with the doctor. These circumstances are rare and are usually only granted to our patients who travel from out of state to see us or established patients.
Therefore, you must visit with the doctor and pay your Co-payment to receive and discuss your test results with the doctor. You will not receive your results without discussing them with the doctor. The doctor will spend the necessary time with you and will properly interpret and review your results, initiate possible treatment, or counsel you. The visit for results is separate from your initial visit. If you paid your Co-payment for your first visit, your next visit still requires a Co-payment, even if you are just coming in to discuss test results. As noted previously, uninsured patients are required to pay 50 dollars for visits when only results are given.

Other fees:

The following are estimates which will be charged by the laboratory for specific testing. Please be advised, our practice does not profit in anyway on these tests. These fees may be paid at a later date. The following is only a sample of commonly requested or needed tests, often no tests or just 1 to 2 tests are needed.

If you have health insurance, your health plan should cover all testing unless you have very limited insurance coverage. 

HIV-1 antibody test (This is usually the only HIV test that is needed) - 13 dollars
HIV-2 antibody test (This test is rarely needed) - 35 dollars 
HIV-1 PCR (Rarely needed) - 145 dollars
Herpes type specific G based IgG antibody test Type 1 and Type 2 (HerpeSelect) - combined for $45 dollars
Gonorrhea - $26
Chlamydia - $26
Syphilis -     $7
Hepatitis B - $19 
Hepatitis C - $19

These fees are payed at the time of service to the doctor:

The following are a sample of other services that the doctor provides. The following fees are due at the time of service.

Ceftriaxone injection - 55 dollars
Hepatitis B vaccination - $95 per shot (Requires 3 shots over a six month period) 
Hepatitis A Vaccination $105 per shot (Requires 2 shots over a six month period) 
HPV Vaccination (Gardisil) - $210 per shot (Requires 3 shots over a six month period) 

For all other services, please inquire with the receptionist by phone. The office reserves the right to increase any fee without notice
We offer many other services including full medical exams, pap smears, EKGs, pulmonary function testing, vaccinations, etc.

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