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The Herpes Bible  $80.00 for paperback or download

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The Herpes Bible was written by Michael Shirazi MD. He is an expert in STD testing with a special interest in Herpes. He has founded the Herpes Institute of NY and remains as its Medical Director. The initial intention of The Herpes Bible was for it to serve as a resource for his patients to enhance his in-office consultations. Now it is available to everyone, including those who are unable to consult with him in person. It is ideal for people who have herpes, for those who think they may have herpes, or for anyone who is unable to visit Dr. Michael Shirazi MD for consultation but still requires more knowledge about herpes. 

Why should I purchase The Herpes Bible?
The Herpes Bible is an easy-to-read book on herpes. It is written in a question-answer format, answering practically every question one may have thought of with regards to herpes. It also answers questions that would not have been thought of unless a true herpes specialist was consulted. In one quick reading, one will rapidly flip through all 97 pages of this book; learning everything one needs to know about herpes. It is the most cost-effective and time-efficient source to educate oneself about herpes.

I already have a doctor, why do I need to buy this book?
If you were diagnosed with herpes, your doctor is not likely to be an expert in herpes. He/she may have misdiagnosed you, even if your test results state that you are positive. After a herpes diagnosis, one needs to have an unhurried, detailed discussion on proper herpes diagnosis, the risks of herpes transmission to others, the legal matters with regards to herpes, herpes in pregnancy, herpes symptoms and what to expect from herpes, and a discussion on much more information. This book will serve to answer all relevant information required after a diagnosis of herpes. This book is so informative that it may be used by doctors to learn about herpes; however, it was written in an easy-to-read and understand format as its main readers are nondoctors.

What will this book tell me about herpes transmission?
It explains everything you need to know about herpes transmission. It will tell you exactly how herpes is transmitted. You will learn whether or not it is transmitted by sharing a drinking glass or a toilet seat. It will explain the risk of transmission with condom use and without condom use. It will detail the risk of transmitting herpes to a partner after one sexual encounter and after a one year relationship with a partner. It will discuss how the virus is transmitted when lesions are present and when lesions are not present. It will discuss if there is a risk of reinfecting other sites of the body once one already has herpes. It will also discuss how to reduce the risk of transmission. A chapter devoted to herpes transmission answers every reasonable question a patient may have regards to herpes transmission and even answers many questions that would have not been thought of unless a herpes expert was consulted.

What will it tell me about herpes symptoms?
A chapter devoted to herpes symptoms and clinical syndromes discusses everything one needs to know about symptoms. By reading this chapter, one will know what to expect from herpes. It discusses how many outbreaks to anticipate. It will discuss the natural course of disease with time. It will teach the reader the variations of symptoms. It will discuss when symptoms require prompt medical attention. Again, all in an easy-to-read question and answer format.

What will it tell me about herpes in pregnancy?
It will explain everything one needs to know with regards to fertility in both men and women. It will discuss the risks of passing the virus to the fetus/newborn. It will discuss what needs to be done if the male partner is positive and the female partner is negative during pregnancy. It will discuss what a female needs to know while pregnant with herpes.

What will it tell me about herpes treatment?
It will outline which medications work and which ones don't work. It will discuss which medications to take depending on each circumstance and will tell you how to take the medications. 

What will it tell me about herpes diagnosis?
The book has a useful chapter that will help one decide whether or not they were properly diagnosed with herpes. It discusses which tests are accurate tests and which ones are not. It will help differentiate true positives from false positives even when accurate tests are used. It discusses how long it takes for tests to turn positive after contracting herpes. It details how long one must wait after a potential exposure to herpes to say that a negative test means that one does not have herpes. It will serve as a resource to help a patient get answers when they think they were wrongly diagnosed with herpes.

What else will this book tell me?
It will give some general information on herpes, it will discuss the types of herpes infections, it will discuss some necessary legal information about herpes, and it will teach you what needs to be discussed in future relationships. 

It will leave its reader confident that he/she knows everything he/she needs to know about herpes so he/she may move on with his/her lives. 

Not everyone lives in NY and can have a lengthy sit-down conversation about herpes with Michael Shirazi MD. For a reasonable price, much less than the average medical office visit, one can learn what they need to know about herpes by purchasing The Herpes Bible

Although this book thoroughly covers all aspects of herpes, if there are more questions about herpes Michael Shirazi MD is available to the public to answer questions about herpes in his NY office and also online through his online consultations. 

Here is the first page of The Herpes Bible which serves as its introduction. Please take the time to read it so that you may further understand the nature of the book.

Herpes is the most devastating sexually transmitted disease after HIV. Unfortunately, this extreme is paralleled by the extreme lack of knowledge and care exhibited by most clinicians and doctors with regards to this disease. The destruction of herpes rarely, solely relates to its physical morbidity; rather, what greatly affects many people with herpes is a profound psychosocial anxiety, depression, self isolation, and or self/societal inflected shame. 

When it comes to herpes diagnosis, there is a great misunderstanding and lack of knowledge among many doctors. Time after time, I have had patients flock to my office who were wrongly told that they do have herpes. Also, I have seen a sprinkling of patients who were wrongly told that they do not have herpes. This book will clarify the methods and the accuracy of herpes testing. It will answer many questions as to how herpes is diagnosed or ruled out through the use of many excellent, simulated, real-life examples. It will give percentages on test sensitivities related to specific time frames after potential exposure to herpes and when testing is accurate and inaccurate. 

Probably the most common impetus for patients arriving to my office for herpes consultation stems from other physicians' indifference when giving this diagnosis. Telling somebody that they have herpes can be a life altering message. Most doctors deal with this disease as trivial or a nuisance. The diagnosis of herpes requires a great discussion on the risk of transmission, when lesions are present and when lesions are not present. This book deals with all the different scenarios when herpes may or may not be transmitted. It details the various risks, in specific percentages and ratios, of transmitting herpes to prospective partners. Also, this book is an excellent resource for those who think they were actually exposed to herpes and want to see what their specific risk of contracting herpes was. 

Separate from the two chapters devoted to herpes transmission and herpes diagnosis, this book covers chapters on all herpes relevant topics. There is a brief, yet comprehensive chapter on the types of herpes infections, a thorough chapter on herpes symptoms and clinical syndromes, an important chapter on how to properly treat herpes, a chapter which relates herpes to pregnancy, a chapter on the psychology of herpes and how to deal with herpes in current and future relationships. There is also a chapter which has some general, yet meaningful, information on herpes. Within some of these chapters, brief remarks on some of the legal aspects of herpes are made. 

This book is designed for both patient and doctor to better understand herpes. It will arm both patient and doctor with the answers to the multitude of questions which may arise when dealing with herpes. It will also answer many other relevant questions which would not arise unless an expert was consulted. All these questions are absolutely necessary to dispel the fears and myths about herpes and to confirm its truths and realities. I trust that this book will be invaluable to anyone who wants to or needs to learn about herpes from a true herpes expert. It's unique question and answer format covers all vital aspects of herpes in an easy-to-read and understand text. It is a must read for anyone who has or thinks they may have herpes.

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